Have you or someone you know longed to teach at a “dream school”? Now you (they) can! I’ve invited two of my friends from Tiny Hands International to tell you about the brand new Dream School that’s being built and in need of teachers. This might be a life-changing post for you or someone you know. Please share it widely.


The Effects of Poor-Education
In many Asian nations, the face of education often consists of rote learning or word-for-word memorization. Rigorous homework is given for hours each night and yet, students struggle to learn to think creatively, problem-solve, and produce work that is imaginative and innovative. Many students lack even the most basic math and reading skills and a new trend is emerging in which students who grow up in poorly run English-medium schools fail to master both their native language and English.

This trend of “bilingual illiteracy” is rampant since most teachers and students can’t comprehend enough of the English language to master the subject. 

During a recent visit to a mountain village school a Tiny Hands staff member saw first hand the type of lesson our children usually receive. The teacher stood at the front of the class and read a lesson verbatim from a textbook about metal versus wood. He then asked the students to stand and recite the text directly as it was read to them. The students displayed no understanding of the vocabulary or concept and no actual materials were used to illustrate the differences of each element.

Tiny Hands recognizes the powerful effect of getting a high-quality education in the efforts to fight the cycle of poverty that plagues much of South Asia. At Tiny Hands we seek to fight injustice and stop trafficking at its head. We believe that providing a world-class education centered on Christ, in combination with the greater potential for creating or acquiring jobs post-graduation for our students, will help prevent future trafficking of our students and impact future generations for the Lord. Many of the children in our Children’s Homes often “go through the motions” and complete the required homework, to avoid severe punishment, without comprehending the concepts they have been learning. This is why we are excited to start The Dream School.


The Dream School

523868_597002775956_1604293157_nThe mission of The Dream School is to raise up thoughtful, problem-solving Christian disciples whose hearts, minds, and souls are prepared to passionately serve others and become difference-makers in their fields, for their nation, and for the Kingdom of God.

The Dream School seeks to primarily serve the Tiny Hands children in our Children’s Homes, though it will also be open to the larger community in an effort to reach out to those around us, as well as provide a means for sustainability in the future. The school is scheduled to open for children up to Grade 5 beginning in April 2015. The students from our children’s homes are from a variety of backgrounds, but have been orphaned or abandoned prior to coming to one of our homes. Some of the students have little or no previous experience in school, and it is our greatest desire to see that these children are given the chance at an education that will challenge them to go beyond rote memorization by focusing on critical thinking skills and finding creative ways to overcome problems. Our aim is to create an educational environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, and wonder. We seek to instill in our students a passion for the Lord, for learning, and for serving others in their community and beyond. We would love to see each child who graduates from The Dream School understand that he or she is a unique individual created by God with specific gifts and talents that he or she will use to serve the Lord. We pray that this generation would become leaders to create change in their nation.


Teachers Needed!
27990_597002950606_64787845_nIn order to fulfill our vision of providing a high-quality education for our children and the surrounding community, we need native English speakers to teach a variety of subjects in English. Teachers will teach classes that accord with his/her experience, expertise, education, and desires. Due to the nature of the work, Dream School teachers must be willing to commit to living in Nepal for a minimum of 2.5 years, and be willing to learn the language and culture. This position will require raising financial support.

The primary responsibility of this person will be to teach classes at the Dream School. Candidates will take part in language learning and cultural orientation prior to teaching at the Dream School. This may include volunteering/teaching at a local partner school before starting work at the Dream School.

735186_600484513526_12075804_nCandidates should have a college degree (preferably in the area they would like to teach), be flexible, and willing to learn from others. Teaching experience and overseas experience is preferred but not required.

For more information please contact us at info@tinyhandsintl.org

Apply now.

A note from Vicki: Please share this post widely! There are teachers out there whom God is calling to the Dream School. Please let God use you as part of His calling, by simpling sharing this post with teachers, recent education graduates, friends, family … on Facebook, Twitter, in an email. I’m grateful!