A Week of Lean and Green #1

I am a meal planner and have been for about 12 years now. I typically do a two-week plan and then create my grocery list accordingly. It saves us money, I almost always have what I need when I need it, and we eat much healthier. Seriously, what do you do when you’re hungry after work and you have no plan? If you’re like us, you choose unhealthy things … fast food, processed food, junk. 

Many of my clients say they are tired of making the same things and I want to help! Optimal health is a lifestyle we want to achieve, so when my clients are “on the plan” I still want them eating in a manner that they could eat for the rest of their lives. That said, here is a one-week Lean and Green plan. Try it out. Give me feedback. If this helps you, then I’ll create at least 3 more of these, so you’ll have a month’s worth of menus to choose from.

Bon Appetit! 

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Zucchini Noodles ~ 1.5 cups6 oz. grilled chicken breast(make extra for the chow mein)   





Thai Basil Ground Beef Bowl ~ 1 cupCauliflower Rice ~ 1 cup(I put broccoli in mine rather than asparagus, because it’s what I had on hand)FREEZE what you don’t eat!!   


Chicken Taco meat ~ 6 oz. (crockpot meal)Either wrap it in romaine lettuce leaves or on top of a salad loaded with veggies     


Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein ~ 1.5 cups with…6 oz. grilled chicken from Zucchini Noodle night     



Grilled turkey burger (Costco)
wrapped in Romaine Radish chips ~ 1.5 cup See pic below   







Grilled Mahi-Mahi ~ 7 oz.1 cup raw spinach salad with 1/2 cup mushrooms and 1/2 cup celery
+2 dressing servings See pic    




Octoberfest Casserole    













FullSizeRender_1*Special thanks to those who created these recipes! If you click a link and love their recipe, I encourage you to bookmark their page and/follow them on Pinterest!