Links to Ministries and Counseling

Ongoing Support and Community

Since 2013 Lyschel Burket has been a part of supporting women through groups that use my book, “When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography”. In 2018 the Lord called her to step into this supportive work full time and launch Hope Redefined. A ministry dedicated to supporting women impacted by sexual betrayal in their marriages and relationships. We recommend her groups, coaching, retreat and other support services to women looking to heal. Check out their website Hope Redefined.

Hope Redefined


Links to resources mention in the When Your Husband is Addicted Pornography and other helpful links:

Christian websites This website offers education, support, hope, and healing to the sexually broken and their wives.

Harvest “Proclaiming Christ to a Sexually Broken World”– Harvest USA helps individuals to heal and equips churches to minister to individuals impacted by sexual sin. This website is full of resources, articles, podcasts, and a blog addressing issues related sexual sin.. Dr. Willard F. Harley Jr. offers information to help married couples deal with unresolved conflict, with specific information on infidelity. Pure Life Ministry’s website offers free courses and resources to help gain freedom from sexual addiction, as well as courses for wives of addicts. Patrick Carnes’s website offers online tests for spouses of sexual addicts and other resources. This is a multi platform committed to helping those addicted to pornography and sexual sin. On their website, XXX Church offers resources, articles, podcasts, and blogs for Men, Women, Wives, Teens, Parents, and the Sex Industry.