Let Me Introduce…Coaching with Lyschel


“It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my friend and ministry partner, Lyschel Burket. Lyschel has been an integral part of Vicki Tiede Ministries since 2014, but until now, she was primarily behind the scenes. Lyschel has masterfully led the Finding Hope and Living In Hope support groups since 2014, leading hundreds of women to hope and healing. She is also the co-author of the Leader’s Guide for “When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography.” I trust her with the hearts of the women who seek help on this site, and I know that she follows hard after our Lord and Savior.

God has put a clear calling on her to use her own experiences of brokenness and healing through Christ and to walk with other women on their journeys to healing. Because of my book, “When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart” women who have similar experiences are drawn to my website, and I feel burdened to offer resources and services that meet our unique needs. Now, in addition to my book and our support groups, we are offering one-to-one coaching with Lyschel. Women will be blessed to have Lyschel partner with them on their journey to healing.”Vicki Tiede

My heart is to walk alongside other women and cheer them on as they take one step after the next.

Lyschel Burket

Family Recovery Coach

About Lyschel


My name is Lyschel Burket. I’m a daughter of the King first and foremost. I’m also a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and caster of hope. I have walked alongside women and done “messy life” with others since 2006.

As a wife of a sexual addict, I have incredible passion for women to find a safe community that steers them back to Jesus at every turn. I have a passion for others to experience just how GOOD the Lord is to us and how unbelievably committed He is to us.

I feel like one of my missions on this earth is to speak HOPE & LIFE to those who are deceived by brokenness and pain. I believe that I bring hope, humility, and transparency to the relationships around me. I pray that all of my coaching clients feel this as we walk together.

I have learned so much through my own recovery story since 2006 and my husband’s sexual addiction. I know now that my heart does mend, trust does return, and restoration is possible. I have a better understanding of what it means to lean into the Lord and not on my own understanding. My heart is to walk alongside other women and cheer them on as they take one step after the next. I yearn for my sisters in Christ to experience the fullness of God and all that He has to offer us in our brokenness.

I have also invested in this area of recovery and healing through my education. I am a certified Recovery Life Coach (RLC), PCC, and APSATS Certified Partner Coach.

When I am not leading support groups for wives of sexual addicts or working with a client, you will find me living life to the fullest with my husband and 5 kiddos in Knoxville, TN. I love the lake (it’s my happy place), water-coloring, dissecting the Word, and reading things that increase my affections for God…oh and naps, I REALLY love naps.

To learn a little about Lyschel and her husband Garren’s stories watch the videos below.

Coaching with Lyschel


What is coaching?
Coaching is motivational, inspiring, encouraging, hope-filled, and action-driven. It Is about calling forth the intellect, brilliance, amazing problem-solving, and creativity in you. It’s also about stretching yourself and staying intentional about the healing journey. All of this is NOT done alone.

What can you expect?
We will work together to help you look at where you are now and where you would like to be. Together we will work to bridge that gap. We will pray together…probably cry together, and run hard after Jesus together.

I believe that accountability is just as important for a spouse as it is for the addict. This is a great place to find accountability and keep moving toward healing as you learn new tools to navigate your journey.


Session Options

To learn more and to request an introductory call please visit us at Hope Redefined. There you can learn more about the various support options as well as request a free introductory call through our “chat now” button. All communication goes directly to Lyschel’s inbox.

Various packages and session options are available. Schedule a introduction call today to discuss possible plans and options.

The client will be responsible for completing a Coaching/Client Agreement and Pre-Coaching Questionnaire. All sessions will be conducted via phone or web conferencing through Zoom. The client will be responsible for scheduling appointments through an online scheduling app.

Lyschel loves on us. She speaks truth to us whether it’s hard to hear or not. She’s open and transparent with her own life, her story, and her own sin, which makes it easier for us all to be open as well. She has a close relationship with the Lord and encourages us all to lean into him.


Group Participant

Lyschel is insightful and has life experiences that she has allowed God to use to grow her character. She is passionate about helping others grow in hope.

I. Y.

Group Participant