Speaking Topics

These topics are great for retreats, keynotes, women’s events, and special events for your audience. If you do not find a topic that matches perfectly for your event, Vicki is more than happy to work with you to create an original message.

Habits of a Woman's Heart
Scripture is clear; we must intentionally seek God as the source of our ability to accomplish everything that He wills, because it is out of the overflow of a heart that abides in Christ that ministry happens. In this presentation, Vicki will show us how to cultivate habits of the heart, which result in such an overflow.
Plug Me In and Let Me Charge Overnight
Have your spiritual batteries run low?  Invite Vicki to share with your group how to recharge with holy enthusiasm by plugging into the Source of our energy and zeal. Her enthusiasm for this subject is contagious.  She shares how God provides the resources we need to balance our relationships, ministries, work, and mundane daily tasks. Women will be challenged to be fueled by their relationship with Jesus, so that they can eagerly embrace their purpose and place in life with a God-glorifying attitude, energy, and passion . . . that is, with holy enthusiasm.
By Design
Vicki will show women God’s single, definitive promise and how it unifies God’s Word. God provides timeless standards against which every Woman of the Promise can calibrate her life; His plan was by design.
The Legacy of a Woman of the Promise
A mature Christian Woman of the Promise has a responsibility to leave a legacy of faith, by discipling younger women in the Word and ways of God and modeling for the next generation lives of femininity. Vicki encourages women to seek and be spiritual mothers as they continue in their pursuit to know God more.
P.S. Breathe In, Breathe Out
Learn how prayer can become as natural as the “inhale and exhale” of a soul in communion with Christ. Vicki believes there is no better way to learn about prayer and grow strong than to study Jesus’ teaching on prayer.
Are You a "Kept" Woman?
In this tender talk, Vicki moves her audience with a message and stories of abiding in Christ, knowing that He will keep that which has been entrusted to Him. Vicki shares her own story of daily surrender to her heavenly Father.
Help! I've Fallen, but I'm Getting Up with Grace
Have you heard the news? God doesn’t give up on us! Hallelujah! In this hope-filled talk, Vicki shares that no matter what your situation is, God is there to pick you up when you’ve fallen.
Twinkle! (Christmas)
Vicki’s message shines, blinks, glimmers, and guides wise women to their Savior, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas. In the midst of holiday bustle, Twinkle! points women back to their first love, and reminds them to shine like stars in the universe.

Session Examples for Retreats


Session 1: A Table in the Wilderness

Session 2: A Friend at the Door

Session 3: A Lamp to Guide Your Feet


Women of the Promise

Session 1: By Design

Session 2: Habits of a Woman’s Heart

Session 3: The Legacy of a Woman of the Promise

Grace Lessons

Session 1: P.S. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Session 2: Are You a “Kept” Woman?

Session 3: Help! I’ve Fallen, but I’m Getting Up with Grace

Plug Me In: Are you running on fumes? Vicki will point you and your group to the only true Source of power and energy.

Session 1: The Hemorrhaging Woman and The Widow of Zarephath

Session 2: Martha and Naomi and Ruth

Session 3: Anna and Hannah

Healing and Pornography Talks

Some of these talks can be presented for a general audience with healing and forgiveness in mind.

Finding Hope ~ When Pornography is Unveiled in Your Marriage
The news was hard enough–the person closest to you in the world, your life partner, is struggling with pornography. But now, although the shock might have worn off, you are still reeling–feeling shattered, betrayed, alone. Where do you turn? Who do you turn to? Vicki Tiede, speaking from personal experience, reminds women that no matter how they are feeling right now, they are not alone. We can turn to the God of all comfort and hope who promises to never leave you or forsake us.
Picking Up the Damaged Pieces of Your Identity ~ When You're Competing with Digitally Enhanced Images
Vicki calls women to embrace God’s design for them, rather than measuring themselves against the images their spouses may have lusted after.
Brokenness Begins with Me
Though it is much easier to point a shaming finger at someone else, for true spiritual healing to occur we must first take an honest look at our own hearts. Vicki challenges women to address their own personal areas of brokenness, especially the tendency to be controlling and/or critical. She reminds her audiences that we choose whether we are going to grow through the experience of sexual betrayal or simply go through the experience.
Pornography? Not in My House
That’s what most women think until they are met with the truth that pornography has in fact infiltrated the safe boundaries of their home and is hauling in loads of baggage. Vicki shares the hard, cold facts about pornography addiction. She explains common indicators for identifying whether pornography is an issue in a home and offers concrete help for how to contend with this unwanted house guest.
Unraveling Forgiveness When Your Husband is Entangled in Pornography
What in the world does forgiveness look like in a marriage when pornography has seemingly messed up everything? Vicki untangles this difficult subject as she talks about choosing forgiveness. She reminders women that forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, it isn’t vengeful, and it may need to be repeated should there by reoccurrences of the sin behavior.
Surrender Opens the Door for Healing
Regardless of the specific situation, the fact remains that we must surrender being a pleaser, control, fear, guilt, and anger, before spiritual healing can take place. Vicki reminds audiences that though it may be difficult for us to pry our fingers off any of these five issues, God will not let go of us, and surrender opens the door for healing.
Trust? You've Got to Be Kidding
Trust is the first casualty of betrayal in a marriage. Vicki points her listeners to what God has to say about trust. Then she helps create a picture of what healthy trust might look like in a marriage and she equips her audience to work toward that end.
Healing a Woman’s Wounded Heart
When a husband is addicted to pornography, his wife often bears the fallout of his choices, leaving her shattered, betrayed, and alone. As professionals, it’s important to know how to help her focus her eyes on the God of Hope and begin a spiritual quest to redefine her life regardless of her husband’s daily choices. Those supporting a wife need to know what to say and not say as they walk her through the steps of rediscovering hope, grieving losses, surrendering unproductive responses, learning to trust in healthy ways, and understanding and establishing healthy boundaries.
The Naked Truth About the Woman Behind the Man Addicted to Pornography
In this message, Vicki encourages women to focus their eyes on the God of Hope and begin a spiritual quest to redefine their lives regardless of their husband’s daily choices. She doesn’t promise a woman an overnight healing; rather, she offers tools to help women examine their current stage of grieving and teaches what God’s Word has to say about overcoming the painful ramifications of her husband’s betrayal, cleansing her mind and heart of the hurtful, and perhaps graphic things she has seen, heard, said, and felt. Vicki points women to passages of Scripture promising that God will meet them exactly where they are in the healing process.

Vicki is is a featured speaker at Women Speakers. 


What Leaders are Saying

“I have had the privilege of knowing Vicki for several years and have found her to be a woman of faith, conviction, passion, humor and warmth. These qualities, among others, have enabled her to resonate and connect quickly with a variety of audiences. She transparently shares her own spiritual journey as a way to impart important learned truths that help heal wounded hearts and bring encouragement to thirsty souls. “

Doug Dworak, Executive Director, Tiny Hands International

What Leaders are Saying

“If you are looking for a speaker whose message is packed with power, I would definitely recommend contacting Vicki Tiede. Her faith story, with its ups and downs, immediately resonates with people. Why do I say that? Well, Vicki isn’t one of those ‘Polyanna’-type presenters whose life has been ‘perfect’-she has lived a ‘real’ life with all of its joys and frustrations. And she is able to share with her listeners the message of hope that is theirs in Christ Jesus. Our congregation was inspired by her unique personal journey and how it shaped her strong faith in the Lord.”

Pastor Mike Zaske, American Lutheran Church

What Attendees are Saying

“Keynote speaker was super – good use of humor; it was evident she knew her topic”
“I appreciated the spiritual depth of our speaker.”
“Vicki was inspiring and wonderful.”
“I loved the (Fruit of the Spirit) topic; it helps me so much gain a closer relationship with the Lord.”

What Leaders are Saying

“Vicki was our keynote speaker and captured the hearts of women, igniting them to live out the character of Christ in every circumstance of life. She is a dynamic speaker, clearly gifted by the Holy Spirit to touch women. She is personable, relational and leans heavily on biblical principles. Women commented on her ability to speak as if she knew exactly what was going on inside their hearts. She left a mark – an unmistakable mark of being used by God for His purpose.”

Betty Juntune, EFCA, NCD Mobilizer, Women’s Leadership Conference, Hosted by EFCA, North Central District

What Leaders are Saying

“To say Vicki spoke to the hearts of women at our conference is really only half of the truth. The whole truth is that Vicki allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through her to the hearts of women. The ease and confidence she portrayed while speaking showed evidence of her hours of preparing and spending time with God before presenting. Her style is very relational and you feel like you’ve known her forever after only a few minutes. She truly is a woman of God!”

Jennifer Jensen, Director of Women’s Ministries

What Attendees are Saying

“I appreciate how open and willing she was to share her life with us.”
“Really helped me to continue to grow closer to my Savior Jesus Christ.”
“Vicki’s talks were excellent; so freshly presented.”
“Vicki shares her real heart for women and growth so well and easily; such a joy.”

What Leaders are Saying

“Vicki’s passion for telling others about Jesus is so evident in her style of speaking. I was challenged and blessed, and by the end of the weekend retreat I had a new sister in Christ. We plan to have Vicki return. I loved how she became friends with all of the 75 ladies attending. She was so easy to hang with—spending one-on-one time with us—praying for our personal needs.”

Kelli O’Byrne, Director of Women’s Ministries, Free Methodist Church